Three-Month Private One-on-One Coaching

Three-month private one-on-one coaching is currently sold out! Please email me at to have your name added to the wait list.

I work with ambitious women, like you, who are building their online business. The only problem is you’re on expert and group program overload and instead of having a thriving business, you’re feeling even more overwhelmed, stuck and confused.

All of this has left you feeling beyond frustrated and not sure what to do next. Maybe you’ve even considered throwing in the towel!

Together, we get unmistakably clear on the  precise steps you need to take to launch an online business that consistently has clients, brings in money and makes you pretty darn happy.

Are you sick and tired of jumping from program to program, praying that you’ve finally found what will work but end up worrying about the big investment you’ve made… again ?

Have you:  

  • Bounced from one idea to the next trying to figure out what will finally get your business off the ground?

  • Bought your favorite expert’s new program (and spent money you didn’t have) so you can learn their secret sauce?

  • Spent all your savings (and argued with your husband about it) to only run to the bathroom and burst into tears?

  • Considered trying another group program?

  • Struggled to implement what seemed like such a straight-forward action plan?

  • Stopped and started a bunch of times, losing the momentum you worked so hard to get going?  

  • Done absolutely nothing stuck in overwhelm and analysis paralysis?

Felt like giving up?

Have you thought...

  • Can I really do this?

  • Do people really want I have to offer?

  • All this time and money and still no regular income or clients!

  • I should have listened to my mother and kept my job?

  • Was I overly optimistic?

Go from crying on the bathroom floor, freaking out about how you’re going to pay your bills to being clear on what you need to do to get your business off the ground… finally.  


  • Having the one-on-one support that’s focused on just you and your business

  • Not having to keep up with the group curriculum and being able to focus on what will impact your business right now

  • Being able get your ROI on past programs by implementing the strategies you’ve already learned without the confusion and overwhelm

  • Having an offer that sells out

  • Consistently engaging with your audience so you can build their trust and turn them into paying clients

  • Putting together an opt-in that works and finally putting together your auto-responders so you can start building the list you know you need to grow your business

  • Knowing where to find the people that need you the most because if you can’t find them, you don’t have a business!

  • Not freak out about how you’re going to pay your bills every month

  • Being booked solid

One-on-one online business coaching focuses on just you and your business so you can build a solid foundation, implement your action plans, convert more clients and make the money you deserve.

Six one-on-one sessions via Zoom video that’s completely dedicated to you and your business where we can:

  • Create a business summary that gets you clear on who your client is, what they need and what you can deliver

    • You’ve never done a client avatar exercise like this!

  • Review your website so it’s optimized to convert browsers into followers, who can turn into  clients

  • Create an opt-in that solves a problem and can help you grow your list of potential customers and gives people a taste of what you can do for them

  • Get to the bottom of what keeps your people up at night; their biggest struggles and deepest fears so that can you put together an offer to solve their problem and create fans for life

  • Write a sales page for your website that grabs attention, creates hope and gets people to buy

  • Know how and where to find clients by prospecting and engaging the right audience   

  • Have a roadmap of the exact steps so you don’t waste your precious time!

At the end of the day, what we work on together will make the most sense for your business. That’s the beauty of one-on-one coaching, it’s all about YOU.  

You’ll also get ::

  • Accountability, hand holding and someone who has your back

    • This kind of support from a trained and certified life coach will help you through those tricky feelings of fear, doubt and procrastination that are bound to come up

  • Copy review and editing in a way that’s collaborative and fun

  • Support in putting together a schedule that allows you to get it all done without staying up all night  

  • Email support in between sessions so you’re never left hanging

  • Templates for:

    • Emails to promote your new offers

    • Calls to action to promote your opt-in and offers across social media

    • Follow-ups so you never forget about another warm lead

  • Systems for:  

    • Client tracking

    • Follow ups

    • Blogging and social-media posting

    • Referral and testimonials

How do I know this works?

There is no substitute for one-on-one coaching in moving your business forward quickly and making consistent income. When you have the accountability you need the results speak for themselves.

Investment for Private Three Month One-on-One Coaching: $3,000
Installments are available.

Because of the one-on-one attention each client is given there are extremely limited spaces to partner together for one-on-one coaching.

Everybody is not a good fit for the direct feedback and accountability that comes with one-on-one coaching. Due to the high demand for this level of support and attention to your business, discovery interviews are conducted on a first-come basis. Please note that a discovery interview does not obligate you to participate.

Your next steps to getting the support your business deserves:  

  1. Fill out application here

  2. You will be contacted within 24-hours to schedule a no obligation discovery interview

Taking control of your business sales has never been so fun.  
Let’s get started!


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