Mimi takes something that’s really hard and turns it into something completely doable and actually fun! Working with you was one of the best decisions I made for my business in all of 2018! It was really empowering to let go of the feeling that I had to do this myself and instead get expert help. It was like treating my brain and my business to first class!
— Megan Barnhard, Writing Coach, www.meganbarnhard.com

“This is a fantastic service, and is some of the most wisely-invested money I have spent on my business. It is EXACTLY what I needed to get my business off of the ground. After months of slaving away on my own, this was like a trip to the spa for my business.”
— Dr. Agnes Hall Bartek, The Harp Salon, www.theharpsalon.com

Working through 5 Ways to Squeeze in Your Side Hustle helped me to find the time leaks in my schedule and know how to plug them. This makes it so much easier for me to hit my goals in my business despite all of the daily demands on my time. And, it’s bringing me extra sanity along the way. I no longer feel like I’m shifting gears all the time and I can see how I can do more in my business each day!
— Kate Farrall, Get-Your-Sh*t-Together Specialist for Artists & Creatives, www.katefarrallcoaching.com

“Mimi’s energy and passion is evident in every session with her! If you want to be more focused, more productive, and have more time so you can do the things that make you happy, then make Mimi your coach!”
— Rick Taborda, CFP®, RICP®, www.lbtwealth.com

Mimi gave clear action steps that I could take, and made sure those things were resonating with me. Her passion for these things is palpable! I feel much more organized and less scattered!
— Natalie Biesel, Mindset and Habits Coach, www.herhabits.com

I was able to get clear on my goals, set a plan to achieve them, and execute on the plan. I received full support, not just on substantive issues related to my goals, but also on the emotional side, by helping me to identify and work through the things that were holding me back.
— NG

Mimi can make a real difference in your life—she’s able to cut through the clutter and see the big picture. She is a wiz at productivity and organization and is a wonderful coach, teacher and mentor. Mimi’s passion for helping people is second to none and she inspires you to believe that having it all is within your reach—all it takes is proper planning, prioritization, and organization!
— Marisa Scura

After a session with Mimi, I have a better weekly routine that allows me to stay focused and get more done. She is so warm and easy to talk to, making it easy to share where I am right now and what I already do. She offered me simple shifts to tweak my routine to make it even better and her suggestions were so easy to implement.
— Kristi Brown, www.kpbbalancedwellness.com

From the very first time I came in contact with Marissa, I felt understood. I was feeling overwhelmed and overworked more than ever. Having Marissa there to listen, cheer me on, and help me navigate my busy schedule was exactly what I needed to get me through!!
— Jenn Vodrazka, Founder, Cheerful Spirit Creations

Mimi makes words flow so naturally. Since working with Mimi, I now have a crystal-clear message that I can use in any professional or social situation. It works like magic for my confidence and makes me excited about going to networking events.
— Dr. Carla Hightower, Certified Integrative Health Coach, www.livinghealthworks.com

Simplifying my schedule and coming up with a weekly routine has been nothing short of magical!
— Dahlia

As I downsized my business and started handling more tasks on my own, Mimi helped me prioritize and focus on what was REALLY important. I’m operating more efficiently and smoothly now than when I had a full-time assistant. Thanks, Mimi, for helping me learn to set realistic goals and timelines…it’s so much less overwhelming now!
— Catherine Barton, Pinwheel Studios

My goal was to reduce the amount of time to complete a task. Working with Mimi I realized I was actually working on projects, not tasks! That eliminated so much of my frustration when it came to being more productive. What I really enjoyed about working with Mimi was her ability to adapt and meet me where I was with my productivity and tools that I chose to use.
— Nefateria Fonda, Sales Coach, www.nefateriafonda.com

Right now, I am looking for my notes on a book I recently read. I can’t find the notes—in fact, I can’t find the book. Thank God that Mimi refused to listen to my suggestions on how to structure a shared department resource. She did so with affection, respect, and firmness. There are not that many people capable of exhibiting all three while remaining focused on the actual goddam goal. If I were you, I would take advantage of her abilities—just wait until she helps me find my book
— Mary Mattimore, VP Marketing + Creative Services & Mimi’s former boss :-)

You are safe with Mimi! She’s open, will not judge your piles or inboxes and clearly cares about getting the outcome that works for you. I now have a plan that is manageable and that I can keep using and refine. Mimi went above and beyond — seriously.
— Caryn Gillen, Weight-Loss Coach, www.caryngillen.com