— Anastasia Lengyel

Being able to have Mimi‘s support is one of the most valuable things I‘ve experienced at this stage in my business.

Her level of support and knowledge is unbelievable. She’s a cheerleader, brainstorm partner, content-idea machine, copywriting detective and so much more.

Having her eyes and feedback on my business really helped me to speak to my ideal clients with more ease and joy.

And on top of it all, she‘s such a big-hearted person, who truly wants you to succeed. Her level of support is one of a kind.

Anastasia Lengyel, High-Performance Coach

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— Mel Miller

"Working with Mimi was so powerful in giving me the clarity I needed on the next steps I needed to take to grow my coaching business. I walked away with a clear plan that allowed me to start taking consistent action instead of going around in circles, and the confidence to know I was on the right track!

Mimi is so genuine and her support was exactly what I needed - I wish I'd had it right from the start! It could have saved so much time for me setting up my business so I could start bringing in clients!

I would highly recommend Mimi to anyone that feels stuck with what to do next and wants that personalized support to save them years of figuring it all out on their own and start building their dream business!"

—Mel Miller, Money Mindset & Success Coach for Female Entrepreneurs, www.melmiller.com.au

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—Caryn Gillen

“After a session with Mimi, I have a better weekly routine that allows me to stay focused and get more done. She is so warm and easy to talk to, making it easy to share where I am right now and what I already do. She offered me simple shifts to tweak my routine to make it even better and her suggestions were so easy to implement. ”

Kristi Brown, www.kpbbalancedwellness.com

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— Megan Barnhard

“Mimi takes something that’s really hard and turns it into something completely doable and actually fun! Working with you was one of the best decisions I made for my business in all of 2018! It was really empowering to let go of the feeling that I had to do this myself and instead get expert help. It was like treating my brain and my business to first class!”

Megan Barnhard, Writing Coach, www.meganbarnhard.com

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