Mimi gave clear action steps that I could take, and made sure those things were resonating with me. Her passion for these things is palpable! I feel much more organized and less scattered!
— Natalie Biesel, Mindset and Habits Coach at herhabits.com

I was able to get clear on my goals, set a plan to achieve them, and execute on the plan. I received full support, not just on substantive issues related to my goals, but also on the emotional side, by helping me to identify and work through the things that were holding me back.
— NG

Mimi can make a real difference in your life—she’s able to cut through the clutter and see the big picture. She is a wiz at productivity and organization and is a wonderful coach, teacher and mentor. Mimi’s passion for helping people is second to none and she inspires you to believe that having it all is within your reach—all it takes is proper planning, prioritization, and organization!
— Marisa Scura

After a session with Mimi, I have a better weekly routine that allows me to stay focused and get more done. She is so warm and easy to talk to, making it easy to share where I am right now and what I already do. She offered me simple shifts to tweak my routine to make it even better and her suggestions were so easy to implement.
— Kristi Brown www.kpbbalancedwellness.com