Say It, Sell It.

Does your heart start to pound and your hands start to shake whenever someone asks… “so what do you do”?

Have you:  

  • Gotten completely tongue tied?  

  • Felt nervous and sputtered out a few words that didn’t make sense?

  • Wanted to go hide in the bathroom?

  • Had someone nod politely and then walk away?

Do you think:

  • Can I really do this?

  • Do people really want what I have to offer?

  • Maybe I shouldn’t be doing this?

  • Do I sound like a dummy?

Go from wanting to hide behind a plant at the next networking event to confidently walking up to potential clients and have them say “tell me more”.


  • Capturing someone’s attention and having them be really interested in what you do

  • Talking about what you do with total confidence

  • Being clear and consistent when telling someone what you do and why you do it

  • Getting your point across without nervous rambling and fumbling

Say It and Sell It: Elevator Pitches that Work gets you clear on what to say and how to say it so you’ll never feel embarrassed, tongue-tied or clam-up again.

Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: You’ll fill out a questionnaire that will get you super clear on who you work with and what you can do for them.

  • Step 2: Once I receive your completed questionnaire, I will write a draft of your elevator pitch.

  • Step 3: We’ll have a 60-minute session to review your elevator pitch, make edits and fine tune it. You’ll leave the session confident and ready to try it out!

  • Step 4: You’ll go to a networking meeting or do a few virtual coffees (yes -- I’ll be your accountability partner!) and take it for a test ride.

  • Step 5: We’ll have a 30-minute follow-up session where we can tweak your pitch and finalize it.

How do I know this works?
I’ve worked with the best in the business: Marie Forleo, Jenny Shih, Kendrick Shope, Tonya Leigh--they all have one thing in common--they are super clear on what they do and how they say it.

Don’t wait any longer. You’ve got things to say and stuff to sell. Let’s get to it.

Investment : $197  

“Mimi can make a real difference—she’s able to cut through the clutter and see the big picture. Mimi’s passion for helping people is second to none and she inspires you to believe that having it all is within your reach.
— Marisa Scura 

“Mimi is so warm and easy to talk to, making it easy to share where I am right now.”  

— Kristi Brown www.kpbbalancedwellness.com

 "From the very first time I came in contact with Mimi, I felt understood. Having Mimi there to listen, cheer me on, and help me was exactly what I needed to get me through!!"

—Jenn Vodrazka—www.cheerfulspirit.com