One-on-One Coaching


I work with ambitious women, like you,
who are building their online business.

The only problem is you are on figuring-it-out-on-your-own frustration or group program overload.

Instead of a thriving business, you’re feeling even more overwhelmed, stuck and nowhere near hitting your money goals. 

All of this has left you feeling beyond frustrated, a little depressed and not sure what to do next. Maybe you’ve even considered throwing in the towel!

Together, we will get unmistakably clear on the  precise steps you need to take to build your online business. One that consistently has clients, brings in money and makes you pretty darn happy.


Are you sick and tired of jumping from thing-to-thing or program-to-program, praying you’ve finally found what will work just to end up worrying about the big investment you’ve made… again?

Have you:  

  • Bounced from one idea to the next trying to figure out what will finally get your business off the ground?

  • Bought your favorite expert’s new program (and spent money you didn’t have) so you can learn their secret sauce?

  • Spent all your savings (and argued with your husband about it) to only run to the bathroom and burst into tears?

  • Struggled to implement what seemed like such a straight-forward action plan?

  • Done absolutely nothing stuck in overwhelm and analysis paralysis?

  • Stopped and started a bunch of times, losing the momentum you worked so hard to get going? 

  • Considered trying another group program?

  • Felt like giving up? 

Have you thought…

  • Can I really do this?

  • Do people really want I have to offer?

  • All this time and money and still no regular income or clients!

  • I should have listened to my mother and kept my job? 

  • Was I overly optimistic?


Go from feeling totally stressed and freaking out about your business to being clear on what you need to do to get your business where you want it… finally.


  • Having the one-on-one handholding that’s focused on just you and your business  

  • Being able to get the return on your investment in past programs by implementing the strategies you’ve already learned without the confusion and overwhelm

  • Not having to keep up with the group curriculum and being able to focus on what will impact your business right now

  • Putting together an opt-in that works and finally putting together your auto-responders so you can start building the list you know you need to grow your business 

  • Having an offer that sells out

  • Consistently engaging with your audience so you can build their trust and turn them into paying clients

  • Knowing where to find the people that need you the most because if you can’t find them, you don’t have a business!

  • Having a schedule and systems in place so you’re not staying up until 2am scrambling to get your blog posted

  • Support to help you through the days you question yourself

  • Accountability for the times you want to give up

  • Someone that’s 100% committed to you and your success

  • Having clients who love what you do for them and send referrals your way

  • Not freaking out about how you’re going to pay your bills every month

  • Being booked solid


Our private one-on-one online business coaching

will focus on just you and your business so you can build a solid foundation, implement your action plans, convert more clients and make the money you deserve.

You will receive private, one-to-one 60-minute sessions via Zoom video that are completely dedicated to you and your business so we can dig in and get things done.

Together, we can work on things like:  

  • Creating a powerful intro so you can tell people what you do without getting tongue tied

  • Getting clear on who your client is, what they need and how you can deliver—hello clients that become raving fans!

  • Reviewing your website so it’s optimized to convert browsers into followers, who can turn into  clients 

  • Creating an opt-in that solves a problem and can help you grow your list of potential customers and gives people a taste of what you can do for them

  • Getting to the bottom of what keeps your people up at night; their biggest struggles and deepest fears so that can you put together an offer to solve their problem and create fans for life

  • Writing a sales page for your website that grabs attention, creates hope and gets people to buy

  • Gaining clarity on how to find clients by prospecting and engaging the right audience

  • Knowing exactly what you need to do so you don’t waste your precious time!


At the end of the day…

What we work on together will make the most sense for your business.

That’s the beauty of one-on-one coaching, it’s all about YOU.

You’ll also get:

  • Accountability, handholding and someone who has your back

  • Mindset support—as a trained and certified coach, I can help you through those tricky feelings of fear, doubt and procrastination that are bound to come up 

  • Copy review and editing in a way that’s collaborative and fun

  • Support in putting together a schedule that allows you to get it all done without staying up all night  

  • Email support to answer questions so you’re never left hanging in between sessions

How do I know this works? 

There is no substitute for one-on-one coaching in moving your business forward quickly and making consistent income. When you have the accountability you need the results speak for themselves.

Because this kind of one-on-one coaching is fully customized to you and your business this is not a one program fits all kind of deal. 

Let’s set up a free no obligation, no strings attached discovery call so we can talk about what you need and how I can help.

Click here to set up a time to chat.


Client Love

Working with Mimi was so powerful in giving me the clarity I needed on the next steps I needed to take to grow my coaching business. I walked away with a clear plan that allowed me to start taking consistent action instead of going around in circles, and the confidence to know I was on the right track! Mimi is so genuine and her support was exactly what I needed - I wish I’d had it right from the start! It could have saved so much time for me setting up my business so I could start bringing in clients! I would highly recommend Mimi to anyone that feels stuck with what to do next and wants that personalized support to save them years of figuring it all out on their own and start building their dream business!
— Mel Miller, Money Mindset & Success Coach for Female Entrepreneurs

You will have an uplifting experience accompanied by specific tangible copywriting and business support that will move your business forward.
— Gregory Lee, Gregory Lee Coaching

Mimi is genuinely relatable. She is easy to trust so it was easy for me to be utterly transparent. I loved our face-to-face collaboration and brainstorming!
— Heidi Jess,

Working with Mimi is like having your own personal consultant for you business, and allows you to step out of the grind of solopreneurship and into the creative function execution of your business
— Rachelle, The Art of Love & Money

This is a fantastic service, and is some of the most wisely-invested money I have spent on my business. It is EXACTLY what I needed to get my business off of the ground. After months of slaving away on my own, this was like a trip to the spa for my business.
— Dr. Agnes Hall Bartek, The Harp Salon,