Break Free From Busy

I work with ambitious entrepreneurs and professionals, like you. The only problem is you’re too busy, overwhelmed and constantly jumping from one thing to another.

You feel exhausted, burned out and don’t know how you’ll ever keep up at this pace.

Together, we eliminate the overwhelm so you can catch your breath and find the time to really kick butt.

Are you:

  • Anxious because you’re always late, running around and totally unorganized? 

  • Scattered, unable to get anything done because it takes you forever to find what you need to get the job done in the first place? 

  • Frustrated that you’re always wasting time “recreating the wheel” because you don’t have a system in place?

  • Pissed off that everyone expects you to do everything?!  

  • Embarrassed to admit how much things have gotten out of control?

  • Burnt out and too exhausted to do anything? 

  • Not even sure what to do next?

  • Zoning out with a bag of Cheetos, a few glasses of chardonnay and the latest marathon on Bravo because that’s the energy you have left? 

At night, you hit the pillow with a pounding headache thinking, “how on earth am I going to do this all over again tomorrow?”, but what if you woke up feeling full of energy, clear on what needs to get done and excited to start your day?


  • Getting a handle on all the demands placed on you for once and all 

  • Knowing exactly what to do next

  • Not wasting any more time trying to find stuff on your desk

  • Meeting deadlines instead of frantically trying to finish things at the last minute

  • Being able to totally disconnect from work

  • Feeling excited about your life instead of just trying to get through another day

  • Waking up feeling rested and refreshed instead of desperately trying to find the snooze button…. for the third time

  • Having time to get to the gym and lose a few pounds

  • Feeling motivated to get things done

  • Hitting your sales goals, making more money, getting the promotion  

Success has nothing to do with luck--it’s all about showing up and being ready to take action.  

That’s why I created Break Free From Busy, to eliminate your overwhelm, get you focused, in control and ready to take action.

Break Free From Busy is a three-month program that includes:

Twelve private one-on-one coaching sessions over three months where you can unload all of your stress and overwhelm.

We’ll do that by:

  • Understanding where all the overwhelm is coming from in your current day-to-day

  • Eliminate the crazy busy and find more time in your schedule

  • Put together a plan of action that includes personalized tips, tricks and tools so that you can stay on track

At the end of the day you’ll feel a tremendous sense of relief -- and the ability to catch your breath.

Once you Break Free From Busy you’ll feel:

  • Relief! The ability to calm down and slow down

  • A renewed sense of purpose and passion

  • The ability to live your life well

  • The feeling of having control and flexibility over your life

  • Time to connect with your  family and friends

  • More self control; when you have more time, you make better choices

  • A desk that goes from stacks of teetering folders to looking like the latest Pottery Barn catalog

  • A to-do list that gets everything out of your head and into one place 

All of this means you are able to:

  • Feel rested and refreshed when you wake up in the morning and excited to take on the day

  • Have clarity on what you need to do and when you need to do it

  • Make time to do things that you actually enjoy

  • Give you back your life

  • Feel happy and get back something you just didn’t know was missing


Make clear decisions on what to say yes to, what projects to take on, what goals to set 

  • Be able to say  “no, thanks” when everyone else wants you to say yes, so you can stay focused on your priorities

How do I know how to get so much done? I have walked this path myself. I worked my butt off in a corporate job for over 25 years, worked long hours and climbed the ranks.  After a wake-up call, I realized life was too short to be too busy and I got focused, clear and super productive. Ironically, even though I started to work more of a 9-5 day, I still was promoted and asked to work as a team lead on high-level projects.  

My experience changed my life so dramatically, that today I no longer work the 9-5, but I do work with others who are where I used to be… too busy, overwhelmed and constantly jumping from one thing to another.

Investment :: $1,500

Have questions?  Wonder if this is the right step for you? Schedule your no obligation consult here or email me at  to get your questions answered.

“Mimi gave clear action steps that I could take, and made sure those things were resonating with me. Her passion for these things is palpable! I feel much more organized and less scattered!”

— Natalie Biesel

“I was able to get clear on my goals, set a plan to achieve them, and execute on the plan. I received full support, not just on substantive issues related to my goals, but also on the emotional side, by helping me to identify and work through the things that were holding me back.”

— NG

“Mimi can make a real difference in your life—she’s able to cut through the clutter and see the big picture. She is a wiz at productivity and organization and is a wonderful coach, teacher and mentor. Mimi’s passion for helping people is second to none and she inspires you to believe that having it all is within your reach—all it takes is proper planning, prioritization, and organization!”

— Marisa Scura

“After a session with Mimi, I have a better weekly routine that allows me to stay focused and get more done. She is so warm and easy to talk to, making it easy to share where I am right now and what I already do. She offered me simple shifts to tweak my routine to make it even better and her suggestions were so easy to implement. ”

— Kristi Brown

"From the very first time I came in contact with Marissa, I felt understood.  I was feeling overwhelmed and overworked more than ever. Having Marissa there to listen, cheer me on, and help me navigate my busy schedule was exactly what I needed to get me through!!"

—Jenn Vodrazka—

“Mimi’s energy and passion is evident in every session with her! If you want to be more focused, more productive, and have more time so you can do the things that make you happy, then make Mimi your Productivity Coach!”

--Rick Taborda, CFP®, RICP®  

“Simplifying my schedule with you and coming up with a weekly routine has been nothing short of magical!”