So How are Those Goals Going?

Toward the end of December and the beginning of January things like “Goals", "Word of the Year” and "Best Year Ever” are front and center. For many of us (me included!) it gets us SUPER pumped and motivated and ready to go like gangbusters on January 1st. It’s also a good excuse to buy a new planner, or two or three…  

Being that motivated and focused helps, but it’s hard to have the same motivation that you had on January 1 by the middle of March. 

So I ask, “How are those goals going?”

And you may respond: 

"Amazing, thank you very much. I am doing great with my marathon training plan. I’ve seen my Instagram following increase by 20% and I’m meeting all my sales goals.” And to that I say, “Way to go! You’ve planned well, put all the pieces in place, are super focused and putting in the hard, hard work." 

OR you may say...

“Well, I’m not really sure — I felt like I had a solid plan but it’s not really coming together the way I thought it would. I know it’s only March, but I feel so off track.” 

OR you may say… 

“What goals?” 

Today’s post is for my “not really sure” people. 

OK. So it sounds like you’ve done the work and sat down and done some real planning. Good work! Now I am going to tell you that clarity comes from taking action. Even though you may have had a clear vision, it’s hard to know how things will pan out without taking some real action. You’ve taken action and you haven’t gotten the results you want. This is actually really good. Why? Because you’ve taken action. Know how many people don’t? 

Just reevaluate by doing some A.R.T. (Actions, Results, Tweak) 

STEP 1 ACTIONS: What have your actions looked like? Get real specific and clear here. 

STEP 2 RESULTS: What kind of results (or non-results) have you gotten? Be sure to consider if: 

  • Your initial goals were realistic

  • There are more efficient ways to get to your end goal

  • You've given yourself enough time to achieve your goals

  • This something you really wanted in the first place

STEP 3 TWEAK: With the data that you’ve gotten from reviewing your Actions + Results you can adjust your goals as needed. 

I promise you, working through your A.R.T. is the true key to success. It’s not that you aren’t doing a good job or you don’t know what your doing or it was a bad idea. It’s just that you need to take a look at the feedback, make adjustments and move forward. You’ll want to schedule time to complete an A.R.T. regularly — maybe once a month, but once a quarter will give you more results to review. In fact, an A.R.T. should be a regular part of your business planning. When things are off track it will help you reset and when things are totally on track, it gives you valuable insight into what is working so you can continue to crush it.

LET ME TELL YOU A SECRET ABOUT MY GOALS (I wasn’t reaching them either!) 

When I sat down in December, I had this idea that I would dedicate a lot of my time to doing free sessions with clients. When January rolled around, I had a few free sessions booked (and I loved doing them!) but not as nearly as many as I had planned. I started to panic. I was off track! How was I supposed to hit my big 2018 goals if I was so off kilter already? After consuming large amounts of chocolate and tackling my 6-year old niece when the poor kid stopped over to deliver my Girl Scout cookies, I did some A.R.T. 

I realized that a certain amount of free sessions isn’t the Holy Grail to my success this year. Yes, I will do them, but not as nearly as many as I planned. And guess what? After I had that realization I had two sales. 


Since I really believe in the process, I’ve created an A.R.T. worksheet for you. Click here to download! And please, keep me posted and tell me how it’s going. You’ve got this! 

Marissa BishopComment