The 4 Fundamentals of an Offer People Will Buy (3 in a 5 part series!)

Today we’re going to roll-up our sleeves and talk about creating an offer that people will buy. Now, maybe you’re thinking, “Mimi, I’m a brand specialist, and that’s different than a life coach, so I don’t think this applies.”

Keep reading, because we’re going to cover the four fundamentals that will make you stand out from the rest.

Fundamental #1: Really understand your customer

It seems to always go back to this, right? But you really need to understand what your customers are up against so that you can create an offer that solves their most pressing problem because people are willing to spend money to solve a pressing problem.

Here’s an example. When I first started Business Coaching, I thought long and hard about my potential customer’s biggest problem.

I realized many of my potential customers literally got sick at the thought of going to a networking event and even got tongue-tied telling their closest friends and family what they did. So I created Say It, Sell It and I helped my clients write their elevator pitches.

I had 10 spots for this offer and I sold them in less than two weeks. They sold out not because I’m fabulous, but because the offer solved a major pain point.

Fundamental #2: Keep it simple but make it special
Remember your potential customer may be feeling desperate to solve this problem. It may be keeping them up at night! So assure them that you can help them solve this problem so that it takes the struggle they’re having away. Do not overwhelm them with all the steps they’re going to have to take to get to the end result.

Challenge yourself to keep it simple by putting yourself in your customer’s shoes and put together a solution that would make you feel relief not extra stress.

On the flip side make it special. Make your customers feel really well taken care of. What can you do to assure your customers that they’ve made the right decision in hiring you? How can you provide them with the most value?

You want them to walk away from working with you feeling amazing that their problem was solved and wanting to tell everyone how great you are.

Fundamental #3: Show your customer how much better their life will be after they’ve bought your offer
This is the difference between selling an offer with benefits versus features.

Here’s an example (that I’m totally making up!):
You’re a weight-loss coach and your offer is "The Diet Makeover: 3 Diet Changes to Loose Weight”

Features would be:

  • They keep a log of their diet for a week

  • You review their log and make expert adjustments

  • You have a coaching call to go over their biggest challenges

  • You have a follow up in a month

  • They loose the last 10 pounds!

People don’t want to keep a log of their diet for a week, but they do want to feel the benefits of keeping a diet for a week. So let’s see what that would look like:

Benefits would be:

  • They finally know exactly what to eat, ending the confusion for once and all, to loose those last five pounds

  • They no longer make bad food choices that keep them on that frustrating hamster wheel of loosing and gaining

  • They are prepared the next time they’re face-to-face with temptation

  • They have someone to answer questions that came up after doing this for a few weeks

  • They slip into the jeans that have felt snug

See the difference?

The features tell them what they need to do, the benefits sell them on how they’re going to feel. At the end of the day people want to feel good not do more work. Make sense?

Fundamental #4: Check in with yourself and make sure you love what you’re offering.
If you’re not feeling great about what you’re selling or would buy it yourself, it may not be the right offer. There’s no shame in that, just be honest with yourself and make the adjustment until it feels right.

Whew, we covered a lot!

How are you feeling about knowing what your customers really need or communicating your benefits versus features? Let me know in the comments!

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