How to plan your business so you can celebrate on New Year's Eve

Welp, we’ve officially turned the last corner in the year.

The weather is cooler, the kiddos are back at school and holiday decorations are starting to pop up in your local Target. It’s crazy, right?!

You may be thinking, “OMG another year GONE and not much progress in my business!” or you may be thinking “OK, I’ve got four months (FOUR WHOLE MONTHS!) to get some significant work done.)

I know you’re fabulous and dedicated, so you’re in the second group. 😉

So let’s talk about how you’re going to finish 2019 strong.

Step #1:

Imagine it’s New Year’s Eve, you have a glass of champagne in your hand and as you sip on those fizzy bubbles you’re reflecting on your 2019 wins.

What are you really proud of yourself for accomplishing in your business?

Step #2:

Sit down and write out every task that you need to check off to accomplish that goal.

Step #3:

Evaluate. Given everything else that you have going on in your life this Fall how realistic is this goal?

  • Does it work? Fantastic, move to the next step.

  • Unrealistic? How can you modify? Or is there another goal that would also move your business forward?

Step #4:

Put the steps you need to take into your calendar. It doesn’t have to be a minute-by-minute schedule but get the broad strokes down.

Trust me, if you don’t take control of your calendar, someone else will and that’s when your focus and priorities can start to get lost.

Step #5:

Commit to showing up and doing the work. Then be sure to celebrate when you’ve achieved your goal.

Fall feels refreshing and it’s a great time to get a running start on all those big things you want to accomplish in 2020.

So tell me, what are your plans for this Fall? Please respond to this email or post in the comments and let me know! Hearing about your goals always gets me super excited.

Marissa BishopComment