How to tell people what you do without getting tongue tied! (2 in a 5 part series!)

It makes sense that one of the most powerful ways to get clients or referrals is to tell people what we do.

But it’s not always so easy.

Maybe you’ve gone to a networking event and have gotten completely tongue tied.

Or you’ve been in line at the coffee shop chatting with the person in front of you and they ask the dreaded question… “so what do you do”? And you sputtered out a few words that didn’t make sense.  
Imagine capturing someone’s attention and talking about what you do with total confidence.

Go from wanting to hide behind a plant at the next networking event to confidently walking up to potential clients and have them say “tell me more”.

Download Say It, Sell It: 3 Steps to Writing an Elevator Pitch that Gets People Saying... Tell Me More! It’s yours here, for free!

It will get you clear on what to say and how to say it so you’ll never feel embarrassed, tongue-tied or clam up again. 

Getting clear on telling people what you do is exactly what you need to start telling people about you offers. We’re talking about that next week in our third installment of this series!

I’d love to hear your elevator pitch. Email me and show me what you’ve got!

Marissa BishopComment