How to create an ideal client profile that works (1 in a 5 part series!)

It’s probably not new news to you that you need to be clear on your ideal customer. The reason this is super important is because you do not have unlimited money (to advertise) or unlimited time (can’t duplicate yourself!) to reach the right audience and get their attention.

To reach the right people and get them to notice you, you need to be super clear on three things:

#1. Who are they?

What’s their day-to-day all about? What’s important to them and what makes them tick?

#2. What’s their problem?

What’s going on for them that they're willing to spend money to fix? Getting to the core of this is key for you to understand so that you can put together an offer that solves the problem.

#3. How and where are they trying to solve their problem?

What have they already tried to fix what troubles them? Where are they going to try to solve the problem? Where do they tend to spend their time? You’ll want to know this so that you can show up in these places.

If you are not clear on these three things, you will miss the mark on exactly who your client is, how you can help them and most importantly, where to find them.

You know I’d never leave you hanging so I have a free worksheet to help you pull all of this together. You can download it here. Be sure download the copy to your drive.

Now, you’ll want to keep this at your fingertips because next week we’ll be talking about your summary aka elevator pitch and your ideal client profile will help you create a summary that lets you clearly talk about who you help and how you help them.

Questions or feeling stuck? Just post in the comments!

Marissa BishopComment