What to do when you just don't feel like doing it

Can we be open and honest? Sometimes I just don’t feel like doing all the stuff I need to do to keep my business going. Can you relate? Have you ever felt that way too?

It’s called resistance and let me tell you… the resistance is real!

As a business coach, I typically enjoy doing well, you know, business stuff. But the other day resistance hit me hard.

You see, my VIP Business Jumpstart has opened. I planned to spend the morning emailing friends, colleagues and former clients to tell them about the new program. (It’s super exciting!)

Yet I felt stuck. No matter what I couldn’t get myself motivated to do it.

Thoughts started racing through my mind:

  • This is so salesy!

  • I’m being annoying...

  • I haven’t talked to this person in 2 months, I feel weird...

  • Why do they care?

I know our brains love protect us when we are doing something a little uncomfortable. The minute we do something out of the norm, our brain starts to send up messages that aren’t helpful, getting us to stop in our tracks. I also know our brains are sometimes full of baloney and we know what’s best for us and our business.

So here’s what I did:

  • Sat my ass in the chair and sent out five emails (I had 40 to send)

  • Broke the job up across a few days instead of sending all 40 in one sitting

  • Got up really early and sent them out first thing (I’m an early bird — so this is my most productive time)

  • Told myself I could eat a piece of chocolate as soon as I hit my daily quota (come on, you knew there would be chocolate involved right?) 😉

  • Committed to my coach that I’d get them done before our next meeting (yes, accountability works!)

I’m happy and relieved that they were all sent out. I’m also grateful and honored by the lovely emails of support that I received back.

Resistance can really make you feel like you’re walking in quicksand. I know it’s not fun. What’s your experience with it? How’d you move through it? Do you need help? Let me know by responding to this email or writing in the comments.

Marissa BishopComment