It's not gonna happen

So many of us are lured to the world of a service-based online business by the hopes of making lots of money, while working for yourself (see ya annoying co-workers!) and traveling the world (greetings from Bali y’all)

Many of us are also are heart-centered people who want to help others, make an impact and change the world. 

As we dip our toe into learning about launching a service-based online business, we see lots of success stories such as: 

  • Multiple six-figure businesses,

  • $30,000 launches,

  • Sitting under a palm tree all day because of a  passive-income stream.

This is all lovely and it’s not gonna happen for you. At least not right away. 

I am SO grateful that my mentor and teacher, Jenny Shih told me this right off the bat. 

My plan was to sit in the bubble of my office (aka my bedroom) and create a group program that would teach people who were working full-time how to create an online side hustle. 

Jenny insisted I was making a huge mistake. I’m so glad I listened to her because I am positive if I had not, I’d still be at my corporate job (and miserable!). 

The secret to starting a successful service-based online business is one-on-one clients. 

This is so important I’m going to say it again and put it in bold. You need to work with one-on-one clients! 

You may not want to do this. I sure as heck didn’t. But here’s three reasons you need to: 

#1. You need the experience 

So many of us are new at what we are doing. For example, if you’re a new(er) life coach, maybe you’ve never coached paying clients before. 

So you need to get out there and coach. Help them get results. 

You’ll gain confidence, knowledge and be able to fine-tune your own coaching process. 

#2. You need to understand what your clients really need

Sometimes your clients don’t even know! It’s not until you’ve gotten out there and actually done the work that you'll get that kind of clarity. That clarity is gold. 

#3. You don’t have an audience 

You need a large audience of people who follow you, trust you and love you in order to successfully launch a group program or digital product. 

One of the ways you build that audience? You guessed it, connect with and work with people one-on-one. 

Can you buy Facebook ads? I guess, but it will cost you a lot, you’ll probably attract the wrong people (because you’re not clear yet, see point #2) and waste a lot of money.

So go out there and work with people one-on-one. 

Listen to what they need and want. Dig deeper to really understand what’s going on for them. Then provide them with a solution and work with them one-on-one. 

It’s the quickest way to being able to sit under that palm tree. 😉 

Marissa BishopComment