The 6 steps you need to get to the top of your mountain

You know the feeling you have when you’re among your "people”? I’m talking about the people who get you, speak your language and see and support your vision. It’s pretty incredible right? 

Recently, I was fortunate to have this experience myself when I went to the Make it Work Online LIVE conference out in Corvallis, Oregon. The energy was super high, I left with a burst of inspiration and all of a sudden I had more clarity than ever before on how to reach the goals that are at my mountaintop. 

I know you have goals at your mountaintop too. Here are the 6 steps you need to get you there. 

Step 1: Get clear on your gaps. You are “here” and you want to get “there” but you are having a hard time getting “there” because of a gap in things like confidence, skill, belief, clarity, good habits, etc. 
So identify the gap. Understand what’s holding you back from getting “there”. 

Step 2: Make a plan to fill your gaps. We all have gaps. Sometimes it’s a skill we need to learn or an old habit we need to let go of and replace with something more positive and productive.  

But a lot of the time the gap is in our confidence in ourselves or our belief that we can really get to the top of the mountain. 

Step 3: Tell your lizard to take a hike. When we are feeling discomfort, afraid or uncertain the limbic cortex of our brain takes over. 

The limbic cortex, also know as the lizard brain takes over as our fight or flight when we are feeling out of sorts. 

Truly, the lizard is designed to protect us, but in this case it’s doing us much more harm than good. 

So when your lizard takes over and tries to stop you from moving forward, take a deep breath and tell it you’ve got it all under control. 

Step 4:
 Upgrade your belief to match your destiny 
Here’s the thing, the lizard brain controls our belief. So after you send your lizard brain packing, you need to make the decision to believe you can reach your goal. 

Let me say this again, you need to make the decision. 

You may not know how you will get to the mountaintop but you do need to believe that you will get there.

Step #5: Borrow someone’s belief. 
Sometimes you just can’t wrap your mind around getting to the mountaintop but someone else knows you can do it. 

So all you need to do is believe them. That will be enough to get you over the hurtle. 

Step 6: Take it one step at a time. 

You get to the mountaintop one step at a time. You may not have the trail mapped out or it may not be clear. 

There will be blocks in your path. No worries. All you need to commit to doing is taking it one consistent step at a time. 

So what goals are at your mountaintop? Respond to this email or tell me in the comments below. I’d love to know! 

ALSO! Next week I am  off for the 4th of July holiday. :-) 

Marissa BishopComment