3 Unexpected Ways to Get Clients

There are lots of things we can do to get clients. Some are really effective, like doing workshops, networking, and blogging. 

And some, like buying expensive Facebook ads or setting up complicated funnels (especially when you are new) are not. 

Then there are the things that are effective, super simple and don’t cost a dime—and yet we do not necessarily equate these activities with getting clients. 

Things like…. 

#1. The belief that YOU are the expert. 

Sometimes we are way too close to our own expertise and we assume everyone knows what we know. 

We overlook our zones of genius and all the knowledge and value we can provide. 

SO really own your expertise. Get 150% behind it and then go out there and share it with people and get paid for what you deliver.  

#2. Showing up all the time. 

There are going to be times you just don’t feel it. You may not want to go to a networking event or have another virtual coffee. 

You may be thinking, "what’s the point?" or "I’m not going to get any business from this" and that’s the worst point of view you can take. 

You never know who you’ll connect with. That person may inspire you as much as you inspire them. Maybe it will lead to a turning point that changes everything for you. Or even better, maybe you’ll be the turning point for someone else (it feels SO good when that happens!). 

So show up, be present, focused and engaged. It can truly make all the difference. 

#3. A willingness to be open. 

People will come out of the woodwork telling you what you should or should’t be doing. Some of the advice is really good, some is not. 

Don’t be defensive. Be willing to listen and take what serves and and disregard the rest.

You never know, someone can provide you with a gem, be open to accepting it. 

What unexpected things have you done to find clients? Respond to this email or share in the comments below. I’d love to know! 

Marissa BishopComment