How to make sure your BIG idea is a GOOD idea

Last week we talked about the 4 Steps to Figuring Out Your Big Idea. If you’ve done your homework, you may have narrowed down your list to several solid ideas or maybe you’ve even figured out your BIG idea. 

I bet you're super excited, can see your big dreams coming together and can’t think of much else. I’ve been there too, it’s an amazing feeling. 

But before you print up your business cards and hire a web designer, here’s a dose of bitter reality: Just because you have the big idea, doesn’t mean it’s a GOOD idea. 

Did I piss you off? Freak you out? Make you go uh-oh? Keep reading. We’re going to make sure you’ve considered all your angles so you're really ready to rock. 

Here are three things to ask yourself to make sure your BIG IDEA is a GOOD IDEA: 

#1. Does my business really align with my strengths and what I love to do?

You may be really great at something but it may bore you to tears. 

Here’s a personal example, originally I thought I’d go into copywriting and write website copy for people all day long. Yes, I can write and I used to write at my old corporate job. 

But when I took on a few writing projects, I realized that I don’t love writing all day long. In fact, it makes me antsy and eat lots of chocolate. (I mean more than usual.) 🙂 

#2. Is this something people need?

You may think your idea for teaching cats how to dance in a conga line is a great idea and will make you and your cat Whiskas the next YouTube sensation. But just because a few people are amused at your idea doesn’t guarantee you’ll be a hit. 

Of course I am being silly here but before you invest one more second of your time and money, you need to do some serious research. 

First, you need to figure out who will be buying your service. Get specific here. For example, maybe you are a career coach and you help people find jobs. 

But what if you’re a career coach who helps people find new jobs because they want to relocate to a new city? Now you have a clear picture of your customer.

Second, you need to go out and talk to these people. Figure out where they are hanging out and talk to them. Don’t be afraid to ask them how you can help. Find out what makes them feel frantic and then create something that will solve that problem. 

3. Is this something people will pay for?

OK – people are saying they like your idea. It seems like there is a need for it. No one else is doing it quite like you. 

Next you need to be sure people will pay for it. So create a small offer and sell a few. Don’t make it fancy, you don’t need a big launch, hell, you don’t even need a website. Keep it simple. 

Now, if you are a human being, this may make you feel very nervous. But remember, keep it simple, easy and something that you can confidently deliver. I promise, once you’ve sold a few and worked with a few people you’ll be a pro.  

Thinking through your BIG idea is a BIG key to your success.  

Taking the time to investigate, test, talk to people and try things out on a small scale will give you clarity and get you so much closer to where you want to go. 

So respond to this email or tell me in the comments. How’s your BIG idea looking? Do you need to go back to the drawing board (that’s ok, I did several times!) or do you feel like you’re ready to get going? Let me know. 

Marissa BishopComment