How to Know Your Women and Men (second in a four-part series)

Last week we talked about doing the work to really understand who you are. Why is this important? Because you: 

  • Uncover your own superpowers;

  • Get to the DNA of what you provide; 

  • Discover how you like to do things. 

Now it’s going to start to get fun, because we’re going to move on to narrowing down your Ideal Client (IC). 

First, you need to remember clients are people just like you and me.

“Come on Mimi, you really need to tell me this?” Yes, I do and here’s why. 

As business owners it’s really easy to get caught up in how we’re going to make money. I totally get it, we need to make money to survive in this world. The money stress is real. 

But sometimes we're too caught up in the money stress and we try to sell to our clients without thinking about what their struggles, hopes and dreams look like. 

Once we understand that, we can show up with empathy—you know—put ourselves in their shoes—and truly support them. 

Showing up in this way and serving your people is really kinda magical and it feels good too (and will make you money). 

OK onward, let’s talk about your IC and how they show up in the world. 

In short, you want to get clear on things like their: 

  • gender;

  • age range;

  • relationship and family status;

  • occupation; 

  • values and beliefs 

  • what they do for fun.  

I put together a cheat sheet for you to organize your thoughts. You can download that here

A heads up, here’s where you may get stuck: 

  • You worry about excluding a group. For example, you want to work with women, but you can also help men.

    Do the exercise with the woman in mind, believe it or not the right men will come to you. Trust me. 

  • You work with woman and men. Awesome. Fill that out in the cheat sheet and see where they do have other commonalities.

    For example, they both LOVE challenging outdoor activities. This is good info because it gives us insight into who they are. 

  • You have different services for different people. OK — let’s work on one service at a time. 

Next week, we’ll go deep in understanding your Ideal Client’s struggles, biggest challenges, fears, hopes, dreams and desires. 

Stay with me, because this is where you have a golden opportunity to solve their problems. 

Before I sign off this week, I want to say bravo to you for doing this work. 

I know it’s not fun and not really easy. You may have even done it before, but it’s truly going to make all the difference for you and your business. 

And as always, questions? Feel stuck? Have an idea you want to bounce off of me? Just post in the comments.

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