Who Do You Think You Are? (first in a four-part series!)

We’ve talked about how the first step to building your business is being able to clearly tell people three things: 

#1. Who you are; 

#2. Who you work with; 

#3. What you do for them. 

But what if you’re still stumped? 

I’ve got you covered. 

Over the next four weeks we're going to be covering how to figure it all out. Stick with me and by the end, you’ll have the clarity that’s been missing. 

Let’s start with who you are. 

Like the TV show, Who Do You Think You Are?, who we are in our businesses can be confusing and bring up a few surprises. But knowing who you are is important because it will make you stand out from the rest. 

You may offer bookkeeping services, be a massage therapist or be the most popular plumber in town, but to stand out among the competition—which can be fierce—you need to dig down deeper.

Nike, Apple, Disney.
When I say these names I bet you instantly get a visual of what these brands represent. Well that’s what we need to do for you too. When someone mentions you or your business, we want people to instantly recognize what you represent. 

This may be a little-known but important strategy. When you dig down deep to figure out what makes you stand apart, you start to be known for all the special things you do and people start talking about you... in a good way. 

Start thinking about your business as your brand. 

Pretend you're a Nike or an Apple. Jot down some ideas on what you want to be known for and add your personality into the equation too. 

• Are you a massage therapist that loves to work with people that have sports-related injuries because you overcame a college sports-related injury that doctors said was permanent?

• Are you a plumber that has a special knack for calming people down, even though their kitchen has flooded into a swimming pool? These are the qualities that make you stand apart and get people talking about you.

When you get down to these key points, it’s like you’re getting down to the DNA of who you are. Using this language in your day-to-day conversations, the copy on your website or social-media posts tells your potential customers what you’re all about. They start to feel like they know you, and as we’ve talked about before, people will buy from those they know, like and trust. 

You’ll also start to attract an audience of your people, the people that relate to your values and what you stand for most. This is where you get to put your magic into the world and help the people you’re meant to help. Isn’t this why your driven to do this work in the first place?

So let’s get to work. 

Here’s a list of questions (download here!) to help you uncover who you are. Have fun with it. Jot down some ideas and come back to it and think about it some more. Uncover why you’re doing this in the first place. Discover your special sauce. All in all, spend about 30-60 minutes and dig down to figure it out. 

And if you get stuck, just respond to this email and I’ll help walk you through.

Marissa BishopComment