The First Step To Starting Your Side Hustle

You’ve had a side-hustle idea for a while and you’ve decided it’s time to get it going. But after a little Googling, talking to some friends and following experts on Instagram, you’re still kind of well…. stuck.

You may be thinking, "I need to start with...

  • A website;

  • An Instagram account;

  • A printed business card."

But the truth is, you need something far less sexy (and much less expensive).

What you need is a simple summary, which will get you clear on:

  • What you do,

  • Who you do it for,

  • What you do for them.

That’s it.

So let’s get you started.

Step 1 :: Write down what you do.

I am a (fill in the blank):

  • Money coach

  • Weight-loss expert

  • Copywriter

  • Graphic designer

Tip :: Be as succinct and specific as possible here. If someone asked you what you do and the only thing you said is, "I’m a weight-loss expert", they’d have a pretty clear idea on what you do.

Step 2 :: Write down who you do it for.
I work with (fill in the blank):

  • Recently divorced women

  • Crazy-busy professionals

  • Established corporate companies

  • Start-up companies

Tip :: Be clear on who you help. For example, as a money coach your expertise may be to work with recently divorced women who need to regroup and handle their finances for the very first time. This is very different than a money coach who works with couples who want to start investing for their kids' college education.

Step 3 :: Write down what you do for them.
I help these (fill in the blank):

  • Ladies build confidence to manage their money so they can pay their bills and save for a fun vacation with their girlfriends.

  • Super busy people put together a routine and diet plan that helps them drop those extra 15 pounds they’ve been carrying around for the past five years.

  • Organizations increase their sales by connecting with more prospects via stories that create a personal connection.

  • Brand new, edgy companies stand out with cool and exciting design that gets people to notice them.

Tip :: Here’s where you can get more detailed by describing what you do for them. Also include plenty of benefits. For example, benefits look like "a fun vacation" OR “more sales”.

Now, put the three steps all together ::
I am a money coach that works with recently divorced women. I help these ladies build their confidence to manage their money so they can easily pay their bills and save for a fun vacation with their girlfriends.

Ta-da! You’ve taken the first step to starting your side hustle.

So tell me ::

  • What do you do?

  • Who do you do it for?

  • What do you do for them?

Post in the comments and let me know! And if you’re working on your side hustle and still feeling stuck click here to set up a FREE (no pitch, no strings attached) 20-minute call.

Marissa BishopComment