3 ways to find out what your customers really need from you

Have you ever just met someone and felt like you've had an instant connection? 

It feels good, right? Chances are the person you’ve met made you feel important and they did that by being a good listener. 

Listening is the key to building strong relationships with people who can become amazing clients and raving fans, which can help you get more amazing clients. It’s a pretty cool ripple effect and makes everyone feel good in the process too. 

Over the past few weeks, we’ve talked about where to find your potential clients and why it’s important to listen to them, carefully. 

When you listen to them, you’re gaining insight into: 

#1. What their problem is so you can solve it. Imagine being the person who can instantly help them when they’re damn-near their wits end?! 

#2. How they talk and the language they use. We tend to mirror people we like, using similar language and gestures too. I’ll let this article explain more, but the idea is that “people used mirroring as kind of a universal signal. In order to survive and evolve, humankind had to learn and invent many things including socially accepted behavior.” Pretty powerful stuff, right? 

#3. Who they are as people! When you listen to them, you know how you could make their life easier or brighten their day. Surprising and delighting your potential clients really makes you stand out among a whole big internet of people! 

Here are 3 ways you can hear what your potential clients really have to say:

#1. The virtual coffee approach
Find out where your potential clients may be hanging out and then invite them to a cup of coffee or a virtual cup of coffee.

This is a great one-on-one opportunity to really learn who they are as human beings, understand their challenges and start a relationship based on being of service (with no strings attached) and delivering value. 

#2. The follow up with past clients approach 

Always, always, always be sure to keep in touch with past clients. Check in from time to time with a “hey, just thinking about you" email.

There is real magic in knowing someone cares beyond the exchange of service for money. It’s also a great way to see if there is another way you can support this person and a great way to get referrals too. 

#3. The Amazon approach 
I love this one! Whenever I really want to get a sense of what people are struggling with and how they’re talking about it I head over to Amazon. 

Search for a book on your topic and then read through all the customer reviews. You can pick up golden nuggets of what people are saying in real life. 

So how will you listen more? What will you do with that information? Have another way you listen that works like a charm? 

Post in the comments and let me know. I'm listening! 🙂 

Marissa BishopComment