The KEY to a happy marriage (and how to make more $$ too)

Recently, my husband and I celebrated our 22nd anniversary. And while I know you’re thinking, “Mimi, how is that possible — you’re only 29!” 😉  let me tell you something I’ve finally figured out.

After 22 years I’ve learned the key to a successful marriage... it’s being a good listener. 

You see being heard and understood is a human need. In fact, according to a Psychology Today article feeling understood can be more important than feeling loved.  

"Thanks for the marriage advice Mimi, what does this have to do with making more money in my business?"

OK, let me get to the point. Think about when you’re talking to someone and you know they are drifting away thinking about what they just ate for lunch, how does that make you feel? Exactly. 

So imagine how a potential client feels when they sense you’re not listening. 

But when you do listen, I mean really listening, you start to create:  

#1. Trust and confidence: Remember “All things being, equal friends buy from friends. All things being unequal, friends buy from friends.”--Kendrick Shope, Sales Expert/CEO&Creator of Authentic Selling®

#2. Relatability: When we feel liked and understood by others, it strengthens our relationships. This is called Reciprocal Liking and it is based on research that people like others who like them back. 

#3. Connection: Making the other person feel like they are the most important person in the world is rocket fuel. Think back to a time when someone did this for you. 

In my world, clients are not only people that I charge for a service. They are people that I can build genuine relationships with and help. I bet you feel the same way about your clients. 

So here are some tips to get you started: 

#1. When your clients talk, actively listen. Focus on what they are saying, acknowledge and validate what they’ve said. Ask questions to engage them more. 

#2. If they complain, don’t get defensive, get curious. Don’t make it about you — understand what’s going on for them. Why is this bothering them so much? This alone can make you their super hero. 

#3. Instead of worrying about how to be witty and charming — let them be witty and charming.

#4. For the love of all things royal and holy — put your phone away! Keep your eye contact strong, be sure to lean in and be attentive. 

#5. Don’t interrupt — even when you're tempted. Let the other person complete their thought-process. 

Let me tell you a secret. I am the world’s biggest nerd and can be a very shy introvert. A few years ago I made it my mission to become more comfortable with small talk, so I read the book The Charisma Myth. I was fascinated to learn that I didn’t need to become the most intelligent conversationalist. In fact, it was the opposite I needed to learn how to become the best listener. 

So please listen to your clients. It will make a huge difference. You will truly start to learn more about your clients and then be able to support them in ways that no one else can. And this my friends can be the key to happiness. 🙂 

I’m always here to listen to you. What would you like to tell me about your side-hustle or getting more done? Sign-up here for a FREE (no pitch, no strings attached) 20-minute session. 

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