The 3 Steps to Finding the Best Clients

If you’ve done the work to narrow down your ideal client (a.k.a. people who will PAY you for your products and services) I can assure you — you will start to make money and build real momentum in your business. 

Now you need to find them. 

This can feel daunting because instead of casting a wide net, you’ve effectively narrowed it down. You may be tempted to go back to that bigger, vague audience. Please don’t. 

Here are the 3 Steps to Finding the Best Clients 
Go back to your Know Your Ideal Customer Worksheet and look at their pain points. 

  1. Brainstorm places they may be hanging out to solve their problems. 

  2. Show up in those places and help them. 

Let’s take a closer look at where they may be hanging out. 

Blogs: What blogs does your customer read? Find the blogs that allow comments and then read through those comments and respond to them in a genuine and authentic way. 

Facebook Groups: What Facebook groups are helpful to your customers? Start to interact in the group, be helpful and become know as someone who is an expert in your area. Be sure to read the Facebook group’s guidelines so that you are not violating any of the group rules. 

Forums: Similar to Blogs and Facebook groups, these are places where people who have something in common show up and very often build relationships to help each other solve a problem or achieve a desired result. 

Meetup Groups + Other IRL Places: Don’t overlook your local community. As an example — are you a health coach? What are some places in your local community that people are showing up because they want to be healthier? 

Over the summer I attended a Meetup hosted by my dear friend Janna. It was so much fun, I met lovely people and brownies and wine too! 


Before you go barreling into these groups — you must, must, MUST understand this one thing. Do NOT go promoting your business, offer or posting the link to your website. You need to show up in a genuine and generous being of service spirit, ready to help others for free kind of way. 


Well for starters, how would you like it if someone started immediately trying to sell you something two seconds after you’ve met them? Exactly, I thought so too.  

Second, it’s the quickest way to get booted out of a Facebook Group or Forum and blocked from a blog. 

Lastly, it’s just gross and slimy and you’re so not that person. 

Instead do this: 

  1. Be excited that you are in a space of likeminded people. 

  2. Start to build true relationships. 

  3. Make it about them and not you and carefully listen and see how you can help. 

Like anything else that’s worth it in life, finding the right places to show up, establishing yourself as an expert and building these relationships takes time. So don’t be discouraged. 

Finding the best clients who are awesome people that you can serve and are appreciative of what you do is SO worth it.  (Shout out to my clients — you guys are the best! Thank you!) 

So tell me, where are you going to starting finding your best clients? Tell me in the comments or respond to this email. 

Marissa BishopComment