The Voices in Your Head (and why they don't know what they're talking about!)

When I tell people I am a time-management coach, I usually hear one of two things: 

“Oh, I need to hire you!” 


“Oh, I wish I could be good with time, details, productivity, but I…

  • “Have always been unorganized"

  • “Need to work 50+ hours a week"

  • “Am always late” 

  • “Will never have the time” 

  • “Am just a mess” 

I can relate. Sometimes I will come up against a challenge and I hear those little voices in my head. It makes perfect sense to why I just can’t do something. Deep sigh, case closed. But the truth is more times than not, these little voices don’t know what they’re talking about. 

Now, they don’t mean harm. They are really there to protect us — but their job function has changed and they haven't gotten the memo. We block ourselves with limiting beliefs, interpretations, assumptions and gremlins as a way to protect ourselves. 

Let’s take a look at how these voices work: 

VOICE #1: 

The Limiting Belief.

What it does: 

Makes you believe something about yourself or a circumstance. 

What is says: 

“I’ve always been unorganized.”  

But in reality: 

  • Is that belief really true? 

  • Is it an idea that you got from someone else like a teacher in 3rd grade? 

  • Could it be proven in a court of law? 

Let’s change it by: 

  • Asking how you can let that thought go, for example, “Yeah maybe I have tendency to be unorganized but I am more organized when I slow down and take my time.” 

VOICE #2: 

The Interpretation.

What it does: 

This is an opinion or judgement about something or somebody that we believe to be true. In fact, science is indicating that we create our experience based on what we think. 

What is says: 

“To be successful at my job I need to work 10 hours a day” 

But in reality: 

  • What would someone else say about that? Would all of your co-workers agree? 

Let’s change it by asking: 

  • Is there another way to look that this situation? Can you prioritize better? Not attend every meeting? Delegate or automate some tasks? 

VOICE #3: 

The Assumption.

What is does: 

Convinces you that just because something happened once it will happen again. 

What is says: 

“Ugh, that report took me twice as long to get it done than I expected and I had to work over the weekend. Now the same thing is going to happen again.”  

Let’s change it by asking: 

  • What did I learn last time that will make it go quicker this time? Is there someone I can delegate part of it out to? Are there pieces of it that do not need to be done? 

VOICE #4: 

The Gremlin.

What is does: 

It’s the inner critic that loves to tell us that we're not good enough or worthy. 

What it says: 

“I’m just a hot mess — I’ll never get my life together.”

Let’s change that by asking: 

So now that you are aware of the stories you tell yourself, you have the power to change the result. This is an incredible thing! Is it easy? No. Does it happen overnight? No. It takes practice, patience and time — but it is something that is completely in your control. Never let that voice tell you any different.  

Need help working with your voices? Respond to this email or post your comment and let me know how I can help. 

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