Why you should rant, rave and get really pissed off

Sometimes you’ve just had enough. Like I just can’t deal with another second of this kind of enough. No, I am not going to tell you to stop and take a deep breath, because even if that’s a good idea, you’d be really pissed off if I told you that right now. (Hey, I know I would!).

I’m going to tell you to do the opposite. I’m going to tell you to rant, rave get really pissed off and let it rip and then…. move on.

You work hard, you do the right thing and have a solid head on your shoulders, so there’s probably a good reason you’ve gotten to this point. Often, these reasons set off feelings of frustration, disappointment, anxiety, anger and other emotions that we don’t love to build up. We try to push them away or ignore them but they just pop up with even more intensity until you are ready to damn-near explode and sometimes you do. It’s not because you have no self control. It’s because these emotions want to be heard and they’ll do anything to get your attention.

So the next time you’ve just had enough and are ready to explode try this:

1. Get it all out. Go to a safe place where you will have quiet and alone and scream at the top of your lungs. Beat the crap out of your pillow. Write down every rotten thought you are having (be sure to shred it later). Jump up and down and have a fit. The emotions you are feeling are all energy that you’ve been carrying around in your body. Don’t judge yourself. Just do what you have to do to get all that built up energy out. This may something you want to do alone or with a trusted friend, therapist or coach.

2. Then acknowledge yourself. No wonder you were feeling horrible, you were dealing with x, y, and z. Your reaction is perfectly normal! Anyone would feel that way. You did great given what you were dealing with.

3. Next, move on. You may feel immediate relief or you may find the feelings popping up again. In that case, be aware of the thought, acknowledge there is a reason you feel that way and then make the choice to move on and...

4. Do it differently. You’ve gotten to this point because you’ve had enough. Something is not working. Perfect! Identify what is not working and then make a list of steps to change it. At first the only steps you may be able to take are super small ones. That’s ok. Every step in a new and positive direction, no matter how small, counts.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “Come on Mimi — I come here for productivity advice, not for a life-coachey pep talk.” Fair point, but I promise you feeling "up to there” frustration does nothing for your productivity. So consider taking these steps when you are up against something and you’re ready to move on so you can start getting some good stuff done. 🙂




Marissa BishopComment