Why All Things Aren't Equal (you really need to know the difference!)

Recently, I had a conversation with a friend about getting things done and she said you know, "a calorie is not a calorie and a minute is not a minute.” It really got me thinking that we often spend our precious minutes the way we spend our calories…. mindlessly. We don’t think about what we pop into our mouths until one day when our pants feel too tight. I realized it’s the same way with our time. Another year will go by or another birthday and we think, how did it go that fast? What have I accomplished? Where has the time gone?  

The thing is we have a choice — we can buy a bigger pair of pants OR we can decide how we can become more mindful of the calories we eat. When it comes to our time, we can continue to mindlessly spend time on Facebook, gossiping and complaining, watching boring TV and then wondering how time has flown by OR we can become more deliberate in how we spend our days. 

So let’s consider what a day in the life could look like. Maybe instead of…. 

  • Hitting snooze, sleeping an extra ten minutes, being late, jumping out of bed and tripping over the dog, you decide to wake up, wiggle your toes, take a few deep breaths and consider one thing, you are looking forward to today (maybe it’s your first sip of hot coffee or knowing you’ll see a friend later that day).

  • Eating at your desk, scrolling TMZ.com because you need a mental break and want to see the latest celebrity meltdown and then spilling your Diet Coke all over the report you’ve been working on and across your lap, you decide to pick up a salad packed with protein, go for a 5 minute power walk (or talk to a fun co-worker for 10 minutes) and eat without distraction, you even put a napkin on your lap! 

  • Working until 7pm, heating up a frozen pizza and watching Seinfeld reruns until you fall asleep, you decide to leave the office on time (and you can because you’ve been mindful of your time and super productive) and go to salsa class. 

You get the idea. I may be exaggerating the scenarios a bit — but my point still remains: you get to control how you spend your time and even the smallest changes in your daily routine can bring some pretty amazing rewards into your life. 

Remember, you deserve the best.

So keep that in mind when you make your next decision (no matter how small it seems!). Would you rather eat 500 calories of potato chips or 500 calories of a meal that makes you feel good, gives you energy and may extend your life? Same thing with time. Would you rather spend your Saturday afternoon talking on the phone to someone about baloney or take a hike in the fresh air or turn off your phone and sit down with a book you’ve wanted to read?

How will you change the way you spend your minutes? Tell me in the comments. 

Marissa Bishop2 Comments