How a Tomato Can Change Your Life

You are so not going to believe this, but a tomato can change your life. Well, specifically a Pomodoro tomato. OK, before you start telling me you don’t like tomatoes, only like them over your macaroni or fresh off the vine in August, let me explain. 

I am talking about the Pomodoro Technique. This is a productivity method started by Francisco Cirillo in the 1980s. The idea is you take a kitchen timer and set it for a period of time where you do nothing but work and when the time is up you take a short break. Our Italian friend, Francisco used his kitchen timer, which happened to be shaped like a tomato. Hence the name Pomodoro Technique.

So let’s try this for ourselves. 

Step 1: Be clear on what you need to accomplish. 

Step 2: Get settled. Have your water, coffee, tissues near you. Turn your phone off. Get your timer ready. 

Step 3: Set your timer for 25 minutes. 

Step 4: Work, work, work—all you’re doing for 25 minutes is working on what you set out to accomplish in Step 1. 

Step 5: Take a 5 minute break then repeat. 

Plan to do a few Pomodoros in a row. So let’s say 25 minutes on and 5 minutes off three times in a row. Some people like to play with stretches of time, for example 45 minutes on and then a 10 minutes off. You can play around with the times. 

What’s cool about this technique is that it really helps get your mind into a place where you can get laser focused because you know you will have the break where you can do whatever you want. It helps get in the flow quickly and before you know it you are cranking out a lot of quality work. You don’t even need a tomato timer! In fact, my kitchen timer is in the shape of a ladybug. 😃  

So let me know: 

Had you ever heard of the Pomodoro technique? Have you tried it? How did it go? For those of you who are just hearing about this, will you give it a shot? Let me know in the comments. 

Marissa BishopComment