Go Ahead, Miss That Goal

Ever set a goal, crush it and do then happy dance for a week? It feels amazing, right? There’s no stopping you, you are on FIRE, on top of the world. Now what about when you set a goal, work your ass off and still don’t reach it? Not so nice, right? 

When you’ve experienced the down side of goal setting, it can feel daunting to get back up and try again. 

I once worked so hard toward a big goal that I missed and found myself up at 3am gasping for air because I had a panic attack over it. It made think twice before trying to do something great again. 

Now, you can play it safe by setting a goal that you know with 100% certainty you can achieve. But does that really make you a winner? Then again, setting a big goal that you’re not sure you can hit may feel like a recipe for disaster. 

But what if it’s not about the goal after all? 

Sure, there is a reason we want to achieve what we’ve set out to do. But if we’ve shown up for ourselves and we do the right work, then maybe we're successful after all.

So the next time you set a big goal and fall short, consider this: 

  • What have you learned? Take the time to get some insight into what happened and what you need to do next.

  • How are you different? The person who started is not the same person who has finished, it doesn’t matter where you’ve landed. You’ve learned stuff, taken risks and put yourself out there in ways you’ve never done before.

  • How can you reset your goal and try again? What feels like failure now may be the greatest source of rocket fuel later on.

  • Who can you inspire? The way you get back up may inspire others in a way that would have never been possible had you sailed to success.

Recently, I sat down to do some planning and I was really clear on a goal I wanted to set. Of course, my inner critic was like, "Yeah, let’s see if this happens.” But instead of backing down and adjusting my goal to be something I would most likely achieve, I left it at the level that would be a challenge. There is a good chance I will hit it. There’s a greater chance I will miss it. But if I do, no worries. I will take stock of what I’ve learned, consider what I need to adjust and try again. In fact, if I fail, I may even treat myself to a massage. 😉 

Now it’s your turn. 

What big goal have you been holding back on? Why are you holding back? What would happen if you gave it a shot? Let me know in the comments! 

Marissa BishopComment