Show Up For Yourself

You’ve got a big idea. You're ready for your business to hit the next level. You want to make a big personal change. 

You dream about this new way of life and it’s been nagging at you to get done. You’ve even worked on it but it’s here and there and hit or miss and so you’re really frustrated with the progress. 

Here’s the thing. When you really want something, I mean really want it, you need to show up for yourself. Not once in a while. Not when you have a few minutes.  You need to show up EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

And this is hard because: 

  • You have a demanding job, you never know when somethings going to come at you and you already work long hours;

  • You have older parents that need your help and sometimes that includes last minute doctor’s appointments and hands-on care;

  • You have kids and they come first;

  • Or maybe it’s a little bit of all of the above.

It just seems impossible to show up for yourself; I mean otherwise, you’d be doing it already. 

But the truth is there may never be a right time to start and the more you think about it, the more time you’ve lost. So let me remind you--you can do this. 

Even if it means: 

  • Getting up (or staying up) and hour later;

  • Hiring a babysitter for an afternoon a week;

  • Taking a GOOD look at where you are really spending your time;

  • Not working late every night;

  • Saying no;

  • Asking for help.

Have I convinced you to show up for yourself? I sure hope so! Here’s five easy steps to get started: 

Step 1: Get super clear on your goal. 

For example, "I want to complete the first draft of my book on the women behind the great men of the American Revolution within the next six months, which is June 1." 

Step 2: Write down a list of everything that needs to happen to reach this goal. 

For example, "I need to research my topic, interview people, compile my notes, write my outline, do more potential research, write."

Step 3: Re-evaluate. Is my timeline realistic? Am I missing anything? 

For example, “Wow, I didn’t realize how much research I’ll need to do to write my first draft. OK, instead I will commit to completing all my research (including reading five books and talking with three topic experts) by June 1." 

Step 4: Commit to when, where and how you will show you for yourself.  

For example, "From 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM Monday, Wednesday and Friday I will set aside time to do my research. This means I will turn off my phone and skip watching Golden Girls reruns. On Sundays instead of cooking a big meal, I will order in pizza so I have time to work on my research.” 

Step 5: Do it. If you get thrown off course, just get back to it. It’s that simple. 

So what will you show up for? And more importantly how will you do it? Tell me in the comments. Let me know if you feel stuck, I’ll help you get started! 

Marissa Bishop4 Comments