Happy holidays! Plus 3 ways to make them magnificent.

As I sit down to write this 2019 is 36 days away—36 days! How did that happen? 

The holidays can bring tons of excitement, fun and anticipation. It’s also a time where things can easily get wonky and out from under us. 

So before I sign off for the year — I’d like to leave you with three thoughts on how you can make this holiday season pretty magnificent.

#1: Decide what you want your holidays to look and feel like. 

Do you want to feel connected to your friends and family? Then say yes to the tree-trimming parties, a few cocktail parties and of course the big holidays too. Consider saying no to elaborate decorations and baking cookies. 

Maybe you want your holidays to be more reflective this year. So you’ll skip the events and spend more time enjoying the beautiful music, writing personal notes to your friends versus sending out a mass-mailing of holiday greetings and booking a massage. 

Remember, whatever you do the choice is yours. Get clear on what you want and then decide what that does and doesn’t include. 

#2: Decide how you want to feel January 1st. 

The way you spend your holiday season will have an impact on your state of mind and the way you feel on January 1st. I’ll bet $100 bucks it will also impact your scale and bank account too. 😉 

Remember, you don’t have to “start” after the holidays. You can bring awareness to your day-to-day now so that you are ready to rock come the New Year. 

#3: Start thinking about what you want in 2019. 

Speaking of the New Year, start to think about what you really want to accomplish in 2019. The truth is everyday (actually every minute!) is an opportunity to start fresh and do something new. But the New Year brings a certain kind of excitement and energy to those fresh starts. 

Remember, big ideas and dreams take time to plan. Start thinking about those big ideas NOW so come January 1st you're ready to take action. 

So how to do want your holidays to look and feel? How do you want to show up on January 1st? What big things are you dreaming about for 2019? Tell me in the comments. 

In the meantime I wish you a fabulous holiday season. See you in 2019! 

Marissa Bishop2 Comments