Ever thought about getting it on the side?

Wowza — I haven’t posted a blog for a few weeks and then I drop a bomb on ya. What could I be thinking?!

Well, let me tell you.

Like many of you, 2018 started with excitement, big ideas and dreams. And I’m sure many of you can relate to the thrill of checking off each goal as they’re accomplished. I mean come on, what a feeling, right?

But some years are well, kind of twisty. They don’t end in any of the ways we thought they’d start.

Here’s what I mean.

I really expected 2018 to look like this:

  • Finish my life-coach certification (check!)

  • Help my clients find more time (yup!)

  • Plan to do more of the same in 2019 (screeching halt!)

Why wouldn’t I do the same in 2019?

Because so many of my clients were asking me for something I didn’t expect (but I’m so freaking excited about!).

My clients wanted to find more time so they could launch something on the side. You know, a side hustle.

In addition to helping clients:

  • Get organized

  • Productive

  • Focused

I found myself helping my clients get started launching something on the side.

If felt good to share all the info I’ve learned from:

  • Marie Forleo’s B-School

  • Jenny Shih’s Make It Work Online and Accelerator Program (twice!)

  • Kendrick Shope’s Sales School

  • American Writers and Artists Inc. Copywriting Programs

  • Launching my own business!

When I found myself coming up with brilliant ideas for my client’s side hustles while I was in the shower or at 3am — I knew I was on to something...

My purpose is more than just helping people find time. It’s to help them find time to launch a side hustle so they can:

  • Quit their 9-5

  • Make extra money

  • Try out work that’s more creative and fulfilling  

  • Change the world (yup, that’s what one of my clients wants to do!)

So tell me, have you ever thought about getting it on the side?

What ideas do you have? What may be holding you back?

What are you dreaming about? How can I help?

Post a note in the comments or click here and let’s set up a time to chat.

I can’t wait to hear what you’re thinking about and from the bottom of my heart excited to help you get things off the ground in 2019.

Marissa BishopComment