You’re ambitious, driven and want to do meaningful work that moves mountains.


Having fun and laughing a lot is important to you too. You’re good at thinking and dreaming big -- but it’s also got you overwhelmed, giving you a long to-do list and not enough time to do things that will make a difference in your world.  

I’m a productivity expert who works with busy, ambitious and goal-oriented people who have big ideas and dreams but no time to get started. They want to live life to the fullest but can’t find enough hours in the day. I help them get organized and focused so they can finally do the things they’ve been dreaming of.


Hi There!


I’m Marissa, pronounced Marie-sa (rhymes with Theresa) but you can also call me Mimi.

I am a complete geek around productivity, time management and being organized. I also love red lipstick, adore a good sense of humor, am an optimist and don’t go a day without eating chocolate--thankfully all of that balances out my geekiness. ;-)

Most importantly, I believe in breaking free from being busy and finding the sweet spot between productivity and pleasure so that you can live life on your own terms.  

That’s why I call myself a Freedom Warrior -- and you can be one too.

I worked in corporate America commuting into NYC (2 hours each way!) for almost 25 years. As the VP of marketing at a major media company, I worked... a lot. When I wasn’t at work, I was running around, checking things off my long to-do list, pretending to be Martha Stewart and always trying to accomplish the ‘next thing’.


Then tragedy struck… twice.

In 1998 my sister Jenny passed away. I dealt with it by working more. Getting on the train at 6 am to commute into NYC and not getting home until close to 10 pm was my everyday, my way of coping through a tough time.  

10 years later my brother Scott passed away and I knew my life had to change.

I was always super goal oriented -- but after Scott died in 2008, my only goal was to not have any goals. Kinda crazy right? Having the time and opportunity to kind of wander aimlessly, I realized I wanted to make my work more meaningful, be creative and have more fun.

After losing my two younger siblings suddenly, I vowed to live my life to the fullest--something my sister and brother would never have the opportunity to do. That meant laughing… a lot, having some great adventures (Paris! Skydiving!) and doing something meaningful with my life.

I started to get back on track, slowly.

After Scott passed away, one of the first things I did was to take an online creative-writing class. It helped me feel like I was accomplishing something and it was also a great outlet for my feelings.

Meanwhile at my corporate job I was a little bored and not sure there was a next step at my company, but I loved my boss, my team and the company culture so I didn’t really want to move to a new company and start all over. I was still trying to figure things out too -- and not being able to give 150% to a new job just didn’t feel right. Since writing was a big piece of my current job and I had enjoyed the creative-writing process I started to hone that craft more.  

I started to get that spark back!

I took a bunch of professional copywriting classes through AWAI and started to get really interested in online business. Then I heard about Marie Forleo, who is a life coach, incredibly successful entrepreneur, and the founder of B-School. You guessed it -- I signed up for B-School. My goal at that point was to have a side business copywriting.

I did it.

I had several clients.

I made money.

And then I realized maybe I didn’t love writing all the time after all.  

Have you ever felt that something is just missing?  

What was missing was the desire to do meaningful work and have more fun. So I hired TWO life coaches. Jenny Shih helped me figure out what my future career looked like and Tonya Leigh helped me figure out how to really let go and enjoy life.

I was still at my full-time job and I readily volunteered to take on big projects like revamping our company intranet or redoing our website. I loved breaking big projects into small pieces and getting things done. But I also loved being a team leader on those projects and getting everyone motivated, focused and inspired. Then I finally figured it out.

I wanted to be a life coach!

In May 2017 I took the leap and applied to iPEC to earn my life-coaching certification. But as you know life usually has its own plans and exactly one month later I was downsized from my job after 18+ years. Again, I took it as an opportunity.

I want you to have an opportunity too.

I bet you have big dreams and ideas that will rock your world or even THE world. Or maybe you just want to slow down and have time for more fun. You are frustrated because you start making progress and then stop. You just can’t seem to find the time to keep it going. But you know you’ll be super disappointed in yourself if you don’t do it and that nagging voice inside of you just won’t go away.

But your plate is already full, overflowing even, and you can’t remember the last time you actually cracked up laughing. You may feel like time for fun isn’t even an option or maybe you’re afraid to let go and enjoy yourself. What will happen if you are not always driving and striving? How do you hold yourself accountable? Do you even deserve it? 

You won’t believe this but…

...the truth is you can only be so busy!  Your brain needs pleasure (this means fun!) to be more creative and boost focus. So the more you push, the less you will get done. I know, it’s counterintuitive!

As a Freedom Warrior you will break free from doing the busy stuff that makes you feel like you are making progress, even though you are not. It’s freedom from feeling overwhelmed and exhausted at the end of the day versus feeling accomplished and excited to start again the next morning. It’s freedom from all the ‘shoulds’ and ‘have tos’ in your life. And it’s the freedom from feeling like we have to always be accomplishing more, more and more in order to feel like we are enough.  

My super-power is really all about helping people figure out what’s really important to them, visualize their goals and then take the steps they need to get there.  Through my own experience of having a busy and demanding job, yet being committed to doing something meaningful and enjoying life, I’ve learned to break overwhelming projects into teeny, easy-to-take steps.  My nerdiness around productivity and time management has given me the tips and tricks to break free from busy. 

Are you ready to move mountains?

Reach out to me at and let's talk about how I can help you.