Are you trying to launch a side hustle but just can’t seem to get it going?


Hi there, I’m Mimi

I work with ambitious women, like you, who have a full-time job and want to launch an online side hustle. The only problem is you have little time, don’t know where to start or have tried a few things and haven’t made much progress. Together we get super clear on the steps you need to take to launch an online side hustle that lights you up and makes you money.

I was once in your high heels.

I worked in corporate America commuting into NYC (2 hours each way!) for almost 25 years. As the VP of marketing at a major media company, I had worked hard to “have it all” but secretly I was disillusioned with the corporate world.

Then tragedy struck… twice.

Both my younger siblings passed away unexpectedly. It was a really tough time for sure. But it also made me decided to live my life to the fullest--something my sister and brother would never have the opportunity to do.

That looked like laughing… a lot, having some great adventures (Paris! Skydiving!) and doing something meaningful with my life. This meant my corporate persona had to go.

But of course it wasn’t that easy. First off, my lifestyle depended on my nice paycheck and bonus. I couldn’t just waltz out the revolving office door and do something new. Second, I wasn’t even sure what I wanted to do!

So I started to investigate by browsing book stores and reading plenty of blogs. Then I found Marie Forleo who introduced me to the world of online business and I became fascinated by all the big opportunities for the laptop life.

Since then I’ve become an expert myself by learning via:

  • Marie Forleo’s B-School

  • Jenny Shih’s Make it Work Online + Accelerator programs

  • Kendrick Shope’s Sales School

  • AWAI Copywriting programs

  • iPEC life-coach certification

Working with these amazing women has allowed me to create a first-class learning experience that delivers results. Today, I work with women who want to launch an online business. Helping them achieve their goals and make their dreams come true is the most rewarding and exciting work I’ve ever done.

This some of the most wisely-invested money I have spent on my business. It is EXACTLY what I needed to get my business off of the ground.
— Agnes Hall, Owner The Harp Salon 

Do you have an idea for a side hustle? Are you working on a side hustle? Reach out to me reach out to me at mimi@mimibishop.com or click here to set up a FREE (no pitch, no strings attached) 20-minute call.

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